Nov. 22 Mon.
10:0013:00Tutorial 1: Testing and Monitoring of Die-to-Die Interconnects in a 2.5D/3D IC 
14:0017:00Tutorial 2: Automotive Safety, Reliability, and Test Solutions 
Nov. 23 Tue.
10:3011:30Keynote 1: Machine Learning for Serving Test Data Analytics 
12:0013:30Session 1: Hardware Oriented SecuritySession 2: Fault Tolerance & RF Test
14:0015:30Session 3: Machine Learning & Testing FrameworkDoctoral Thesis Contest
16:0018:00Session 4 ATPG & Online TestSession 5: Simulation & Verification
Nov. 24 Wed.
9:0010:30Session 6: Test GenerationSession 7: Dependability
11:0012:00Keynote 2: Fugaku Supercomputer System – Technologies to Promise its Quality and Reliability 
12:3013:30Keynote 3: Optically Efficient III-V Compound Semiconductor Nanowires on Si 
14:0015:30ATS 30th Anniversary
16:0017:30Industry SessionHigh School Student Presentation
Times are JST (GMT +9:00).