The Asian Test Symposium (ATS) provides an open forum for researchers and industrial practitioners from all countries of the world to exchange innovative ideas on system, board, and device testing with design, manufacturing, and field consideration in mind.


November 25, 2021: ATS 2021 has been successfully held on Whova! Thank you for attending ATS 2021!!
November 22, 2021: ATS 2021 is now being held on Whova starting with tutorials!
November 16, 2021: The upcoming ATS 2021 will be held on a virtual platform (Whova)!
November 11, 2021: Information about ATS 30th Anniversary has been added!
September 27, 2021: Registration site has opened!
September 14, 2021: Advanced program is now available!
August 19, 2021: Submission deadline (Doctoral Thesis Award) has been extended Further!
August 1, 2021: Submission deadline (Doctoral Thesis Award) has been extended to August 16!
June 3, 2021: Deadline Extended Further!
May 18, 2021: Deadline Extended!
April 19, 2021: Paper submission site is open!
April 1, 2021: Virtual Event

Guidance for Attendees